Best online casino games criteria
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Best online casino games criteria

When a newcomer to a Canadian internet gambling resource begins choosing which slots he should start with and develops his playing activity, he often feels being at a loss. The games choice is fantastic! But what are the best online casino games to play and to win? As they say, tastes differ. Some guys cannot live without video poker; others are ready to spin slots’ reels 24/7.

However, some criteria to estimate the best online casino games exist. An experienced gambler always has his “personal” list of slots, and regularly picks them. Certainly, when a new game appears, curious players rush to try it.

Best online casino games — how to choose them

Players, who used to gamble in the XXth century, will agree that older slots were not so attractive as the new ones. The graphics and storylines were dull. Often, the gamer had to deal with 3-5 images on the screen. These were mostly 7s, Bars, Fruit. The number of lines was 1, 3, and 5 maximum.

Now, in 2021, the best online casino games in Canada are so attractive visually, that they resemble even a movie, or sometimes, a funny cartoon. Graphics is excellent, and 3D effects are stunning. Besides, they do have the following features:

  • Bonuses;
  • Special features that bring extra winnings;
  • High RTP;
  • The option to change the number of lines activated during a round;
  • Autoplay, etc.

Their popularity ratings also depend on such basic financial characteristics as volatility and bet return cycle length. As practice shows, most of the visitors to virtual casinos play slots with a short and medium payout cycle, because not everyone has the opportunity to play in the long term for the final result.

The best games in Canada to play at an online casino

Canadians have the right to enjoy at almost all online gambling houses. Therefore, they have the widest choice of the best online casino games, which they can play for free or for real money. The following slots have the highest rating in Canada:

  • Mega Moolah;
  • Starburst;
  • Sizzling Hot;
  • Book of Ra Deluxe;
  • Ghost Slider;
  • Fruitinator;
  • Double Triple Chance, and more best online casino games.

Mega Moolah and Starburst remain the top games for many years. The first game mentioned here is considered the most famous progressive slot. Despite the fact it is not new, it continues to be extremely popular. From the very first moment, the gambler contributes to the growth of the jackpot, and the wins are extremely big. If you win, then the guaranteed prize is at least a million. Starburst makes a special impression with its number of special functions. 10 paylines are selected individually, so it is very important for the player to experiment with different tactics. Winning lines are read not only from left to right, as is usually the case on other machines, but also in the opposite direction. Besides, there is a Wild symbol on every reel; therefore, it leads to an increase in the winnings.

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