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Best Online Craps Game: Free Practice Sites & Beginner-Friendly Strategy Tips

All across the world, craps retains the titles of the most common and popular game involving dice. Based entirely on luck, it gives equal chances of winning to both beginners and seasoned punters. Read on to get the backbone knowledge for your winning craps strategy and find the optimal practice site to roll the best online craps game free of charge.

Choose Your Strategy In The Best Online Craps Game – Free Practice Makes Perfect

Having the upper hand in craps every time is practically impossible. But thinking your bets through and sticking to the right strategy will make your gaming sessions more profitable.

  1. Pass Line bets should be your priority, as the house edge sits as low as 1.41%. Works excellently with the come-out roll, in which case rolling out a 7 or 11 brings a victory to the pass line bettor.
  2. Come Bet is another option that shouldn’t be overlooked. Once again, the house has a 1.41% edge over you, but this bet is playable only after you’ve established a point.
  3. Don’t Pass/Come bets also offer great winning chances (1.40% house edge). Don’t bets are often overlooked in land-based casinos because they place you in the opposition to most other players. However, nothing prevents you from Don’t betting when you’re playing the best online craps game – free or real money.
  4. Combinations of low-house-edge bets will help you get the most profit. For example, a decent strategy is to start with a Pass Line and add two Come wagers once you have a point.
  5. Take advantage of what Odds bets can offer – namely, no house edge at all. Combine them with any of the main bets mentioned above.

Relying on the bets with the lowest possible house edge is a viable strategic approach for securing frequent wins.

Bets To Ignore In Any Best Online Craps Game – Free Or Real Money

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, it’s best to steer clear of Big 6, Big 8, and Any 7. These bets have an excessive house edge – 9.09% on the Big 6/8 and 16.67% on Any 7. The expected payouts are not high enough to cover the risk you take with them.

Best Websites To Play And Practice The Craps Game Without Risking Money

Launching a free craps game lets you practice your gameplay knowledge in a realistic scenario. The best online craps game (free to play) will let you avoid all the stresses that a newcomer experiences when dipping their toes into real-money craps on a gambling site.

  • Wizard of Odds – an excellent training website where you can learn a lot about craps, from the basic rules and bets to advanced strategies. Offers probably the best free online craps game with useful hints.
  • Vegas Slots Online – a well-known portal that mainly aggregates reviews of various casino games, including craps. More often than not, the reviews are accompanied by game demos. Play amazing craps games with the casino level of quality!
  • Craps Age – a small and tidy website dedicated to everything craps-related. You can either play the free craps game online or download it to your computer.

If you decide that you’re ready to conquer the world of real-cash craps, most of these training sites will also give you pointers as to which casino to choose.

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