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Slots “One-armed bandits” – classic and modern

The first slot machines, which later received such a nickname, appeared back in 1895 in San Francisco. Their creator was the German mechanical engineer Charles Fey. It was he who invented the mechanism with three independently rotating reels, each of which had 10 symbols. In order to play, it was required to lower a five-cent coin into the slot and pull the handle, which gave the initial impulse to the reels. The probability of winning was so low that even with such a low bet, the gamblers were losing quite serious sums in the slot machines. It is thanks to the launch handle and truly predatory chances for the player that the machines have acquired such a name – one-armed bandits.

Triumphal procession of slots

The idea was so successful that reel slots quickly spread throughout the United States. Many talented people have worked on improving them. As a result, slots have gained widespread popularity. Eventually they flooded the gambling halls of casinos and became their main source of income. With the advent of computers in the gambling industry, “one-armed bandits” were transferred to the online space.

Slots online – modern look

The nickname received by the machines began to be used everywhere, and today it is extended to all slot machines. For those who like to gamble, it has a slightly different meaning. For a gambler, a modern “one-armed bandit” is a slot machine that copies most of the properties of a classic machine:

  • on the playing field – three reels and one or three rows of symbols;
  • you can play, in most cases, on one active line, less often on three or five;
  • in the set of symbols – classic sevens , bells, fruits and cherries, BAR inscriptions. There are also additions in the form of gold bars, coins and stars.

This is where the main similarity ends. For today’s manufacturers, the player’s interest is very important, therefore, modern machines are much more generous than their ancestors – the recoil rates in them rarely fall below 95%. Most machines provide an opportunity to play a risk game that allows you to double the winnings of a round. Some slot machines now have special symbols – Wild and / or Scatter (like, for example, Always Hot or Flame Fruits from Novomatic), as well as bonus features. Some manufacturers have provided an opportunity to connect slot machines to the progressive jackpot drawing system. In order to play on modern “one-armed bandits”, you absolutely do not need to risk even the smallest amounts. In many virtual gaming clubs, slot machines are available in demo mode – free of charge and without registration.

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